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Next Recognized Event: September 22, 2018

Current entry status

Ride Times

If anyone has time conflicts we will work with you.  Please ride at your posted Dressage time and the jump stewards will help you schedule a more convenient time to jump.  Competitors need to ride at the appropriate level but not necessarily within their division.  Thank you for working with us.

Important Notice:

As you realize WEG Eventing ran this last weekend.  This resulted in Plantation
changing their date this year.  They will be running the same weekend as Flora Lea for this year only.  This has greatly affected our entry numbers.  Because of this we will hold all divisions on Sept 22nd, Saturday.  Prelim will go first.   If this is a problem for any Novice or Beginner Novice, please contact Debbie Adams.    (  Saturday weather looks ideal!

9/9 announcement: We are accepting entries from Seneca competitors without a late fee! Get your entries in.

Unrecognized Event Schedule:

  • October 14, 2018, close date: October 4
  • Payment is available thru PayPal with a $4.00 convenience fee.
  • **Please be sure to include the riders first and last name when paying via PayPal to avoid confusion.
  • paypal

  • $100 entry fee, Starter thru Training, and preliminary dressage and stadium.
  • Riders may opt for a combined test style for $30 a phase and/or mixing of levels. Only riders competing in the same level for all 3 phases will be eligible for prizes.
  • Dressage test: 2018 Test A for all levels

Unrecognized levels offered:

Introductory: Crossrails for SJ, XC optional logs or just flags, Dressage: Intro Test B (Walk/Trot)

Starter: Fences up to 2’3. Dressage: Intro Test C

Beginner Novice: Fences up to 2’7. Dressage: Beginner Novice Test A

Novice: Fences up to 2’11. Dressage: Novice Test A

Training: Fences up to 3’3. Dressage: Training Test A

Training/Prelim: This level will include Preliminary dressage and show jumping, and training level cross country. Dressage: Prelim Test A

Entry forms:

Starter Trial Entry Form

Combined Test Entry Form

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