Meet The Horses


Bentley is a gray thoroughbred gelding. He is one of the biggest horses on the property measuring almost 17 hands high. Bentley is sensitive to his rider and is a comfortable horse for every person from a young rider to a full grown adult. He had quite the life before coming to Flora Lea Farm. As a young horse he raced. We imagine he must have looked quite impressive as a young and fit 5-year-old. After racing he was ridden in horse shows for several years. Since he moved to Flora Lea he has been part of the lesson program, the show riders, and Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Riding Program.


Teddy Bear is a dark bay thoroughbred gelding. We don’t like to talk about it in front of him, but he is the oldest horse on the property. He doesn’t look old when he is doing his job though! Teddy Bear is as sweet as his name would lead you to believe. Like Bentley he was also a race horse when he was young. When he retired from racing he became a show horse. Teddy Bear has the bounciest trot which must have made him score well when he was showing off in the ring. Today Teddy Bear spends a lot of time relaxing but when he is asked to work he is very happy to bounce his rider around the ring.


Chief is a large paint pony. He enjoys summer nights in the field and very long naps. If you see him knocked out in his stall snoring do not worry, that’s the way he likes to spend his free time. Chief is retired from jumping now but he must have been quite a competitor back in the day. From time to time he will jump out of the field when no one is watching to hang out with his friends in different areas of the farm.

Jimmy (1)Jimmy is a chestnut thoroughbred gelding who is an all-around good guy. He can get quite busy because he is so versatile. Jimmy is calm and sweet when working with beginner riders. When asked properly he will gladly step it up a level for more advanced riders. Jimmy has competed in several shows since coming to Flora Lea with several different riders.

scoutScout is a medium sized paint pony. This guy is always getting into something. He may be the smallest horse we have but he definitely has the biggest personality. Scout is sweet and will happily carry small children. He can also be quick and jump to life if his rider would like to do more advanced riding and jumping. Before he came to Flora Lea he must have been a show pony. He has the same great easy going personality in the ring, the fields, or off the property at a show.


Travis is a chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He is another guy who had a career as a race horse and then a show horse. Before he came to live at Flora Lea he won the horse show we have here in the Training level which has fences set at 3’3”. He is a very sensitive guy, like most chestnuts can be, and he absolutely loves to be ridden. Travis is a little too sensitive for novice riders. Mostly Travis is ridden by experienced people who are competing in horse shows and jumping.