Mini Event- Unrecognized Show June 20th 2021

  • Please email entries to or mail entries to: Kelly Coile at 21 Branin Road, Medford, NJ
  • Young Event Horse (YEH) classes for 4 and 5 year olds, are USEA recognized.
  • Note: You will not receive your ride times unless you have paid in full, completed the entry form, and have signed the Flora Lea Farm waiver.

Payment is available thru PayPal with a $4.00 convenience fee.

Please be sure to include the riders first and last name when paying via PayPal or your entry will not be accepted.

Complete Entry: Entry Form, Waiver, Payment and Coggins

Only complete entries will be given ride times

YEH link to USEA omnibus


  • $115 entry fee, Beginner Novice thru Training, $100 Intro and Starter, Preliminary dressage and stadium also available to create PT round or combined test.
  • Riders may opt for a combined test style for $30 a phase and/or mixing of levels. Only riders competing in the same level for all 3 phases will be eligible for prizes.
  • Dressage test: 2018 USEA Eventing tests and 2019 USDF tests for Intro and Starter

Unrecognized levels offered:

Introductory: Crossrails for SJ, XC optional logs or just flags, Dressage: 2019 Intro Test B (Walk/Trot)

Starter: Fences up to 2’3. Dressage: 2019 Intro Test C

Beginner Novice: Fences up to 2’7. Dressage: Beginner Novice Test A

Novice: Fences up to 2’11. Dressage: Novice Test A

Training: Fences up to 3’3. Dressage: Training Test A

Training/Prelim: This level will include Preliminary dressage and show jumping, and training level cross country. Dressage: Prelim Test A

Entry form:

Flora Lea Starter Trial Entry Form:

Impackt Studio

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