Recognized Horse Trials

COVID-19 Protocol: People should wear a face mask when within 6 feet of one another in an outdoor space. Volunteers, staff, and officials will be instructed to wear a mask in any situation where they must be asked to gather within 6 feet of one another. Competitors and spectators need to wear masks in competition areas as marked.

Ride Times 9/11-9/12

ENTRY STATUS updated 9/10/21 3:30pm

Riders with multiple horses should ride at the dressage times scheduled. The jumping may be out of order if necessary. Changes should be discussed with area steward, but must be within the division.



Ring 1   Mary Grace             Scribe: Greer

Prelim Rider 8:00-10:42

Training Rider A 8:42-9:48

Open Training 9:48-12:08

Ring 2    Heather Gillette Scribe: Jena

Open Prelim 8:00-9:42

Ring 2   Pam Wiedemann Scribe: Jena

Training Rider B 10:00-11:30

Course walk, before 10:30 and 11:20-12:40

Preliminary Show Jumping 10:30-11:18 Cross Country 10:45-11:33

Training Show Jumping  12:45-2:15 Cross Country  1:00-2:32

Riders with multiple horses should keep their dressage time. Jumping may be done out of order within the division. Please discuss with area stewards. 


Ring 1   Mary Grace Scribe: Greer

Open Novice A 8:00-9:48

Open Novice B 9:48-11:52

Beginner Novice Rider 12:30-2:06

Ring 2   K.C. Van Dyke Scribe: Jena 

Novice Rider A 8:00-9:31

Novice Rider B 9:46-11:02

Open Beginner Novice 11:40-1:46

Course walk, before 10:58 and 1:24-2:10 Anne Marie

Novice Show Jumping 10:58-1:08 Cross Country 11:14-1:24

Beginner Novice Show Jumping  2:10-3:24 Cross Country  2:24-3:38

Riders with multiple horses should keep their dressage time. Jumping may be done out of order within the division. Please discuss with area stewards.

Entry Status

It is our plan to run this event subject to all Covid regulations in effect at the time. The safety of everyone involved is paramount and to that end, we will be strictly following our county, USEF, USEA, and any additional state recommendations related to the COVID-19 health status. Our intent is to follow the best practices put forth by all relevant governing bodies. Any on-time entries still incomplete one week before the event will be charged $20 per missing item. This includes, signature pages, coggins, etc. Missing Items fees will be enforced and no one will be scheduled until the entry is complete–documents and all fees. In addition to the required USEF and USEA documents for a complete entry, our Flora Lea Waiver of Liability is also required-completed and electronically filed via our website for everyone on the farm. ALLnon-competitors are also required to sign the USEF/USEA Waiver as well as the Flora Lea Farm Waiver to be on grounds. Food vendor will be on grounds. Please no spectators. Riders will be allowed to bring 2 people (coach, groom, or owner).

Note: you will not receive your ride times unless you have paid in full, and have signed both the USEF/USEA Waiver and the Flora Lea Farm Waiver.

Missing items are needed to be able to schedule competition.  No paperwork or $ to be handled at competition site. Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times as we try our best to host the new normal in eventing.

Riders with multiple horses must do Dressage at given times.  Jumping can be done at their convenience as long as they ride at the correct level.  Please see jump stewards and they will work you into schedule.  Thank you for working with us and we are happy to work with you

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Kelly for information. We need scribes for dressage, cross country jump judges, show jumping jump crew and other jobs! Call/text 609-923-7847 or email