Unrecognized Horse Trials

Unrecognized 2019 Event Schedule:

  • Please mail entries to: Kelly Coile at 21 Branin Road, Medford, NJ
  • October 12, 2019 (Closing date October 2nd)

Ride Times10-12-19

*: These shows will offer the Young Event Horse (YEH) classes for 4 and 5 year olds, which are USEA recognized.

Payment is available thru PayPal with a $4.00 convenience fee.

Click to pay via PayPal Please be sure to include the riders first and last name when paying via PayPal or your entry will not be accepted.


  • $100 entry fee, Starter thru Training, and preliminary dressage and stadium.
  • Riders may opt for a combined test style for $30 a phase and/or mixing of levels. Only riders competing in the same level for all 3 phases will be eligible for prizes.
  • Dressage test: 2018 Test A for all levels

Unrecognized levels offered:

Introductory: Crossrails for SJ, XC optional logs or just flags, Dressage: 2019 Intro Test B (Walk/Trot)

Starter: Fences up to 2’3. Dressage: 2019 Intro Test C

Beginner Novice: Fences up to 2’7. Dressage: Beginner Novice Test A

Novice: Fences up to 2’11. Dressage: Novice Test A

Training: Fences up to 3’3. Dressage: Training Test A

Training/Prelim: This level will include Preliminary dressage and show jumping, and training level cross country. Dressage: Prelim Test A

Entry form:

Flora Lea Starter Trial Entry Form

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