Derby Course Clear Round Show

November 15, 2020

Please join us for our first eventers version of a hunter jumper derby! Imagine the YEH course, but for everyone to play on

Courses will run from low to high through the day. Riders may choose to ride the same course a second time, or try the next level up after their first round.

– Crossrail and logs division

-2’3″ show jumps with logs division

-2’6″ show jumps with beginner novice cross country jumps

-3′ show jumps with novice cross country jumps

All riders will need to submit payment, entry, coggins and the Flora Lea Farm Waiver. Please email all forms together.

Entries $40 per round

Payment is available thru PayPal with a $2.00 convenience fee.

Please be sure to include the riders first and last name when paying via PayPal or your entry will not be accepted.