Instructor Bios

Kelly Coile

Kelly  understands the importance of building a relationship between horses and riders that transfers across the phases of eventing. With her masters degree in education, Kelly has knowledge of effective teaching strategies and obtainable goal setting She builds confidence in riders through positive and uplifting instruction. Kelly is great at strengthening communication between horse and rider. She analyzes the rider’s balance and connection with the horse, along with maintaining the horse’s rhythm, creating harmony. Her family farm, Flora Lea in Medford NJ, has been her training campus since she started eventing at age 10. She knows the course as well as the terrain inside and out.

Contact Kelly Coile 609-923-7847


I’ve been riding horses for 30 years, teaching for 12 years. This is my dream job! Horses are amazingly compassionate animals. I believe that being around them teaches us to be strong, mindful, and compassionate. My favorite part about teaching is getting to know each and every student as an individual. This way I can help them learn the ropes of riding to the best of their ability


I have been riding horses on and off for about 30 years. I have owned my own horse for about 10 years. I got my dream horse two years before I retired. I have been having a great time learning how to make the best of him for the last six years. All my years of lessons have really helped me in my teaching. I think horses bring out the best in everyone. I love teaching young children and seeing the joy. One thing I learned is always to follow your dream and enjoy life to the fullest.


I have been riding horses since I was 9 years old. Horses are such remarkable animals. With their athleticism, intelligence and personality, they make out to be one of the most enjoyable partners to work with. When teaching, I thoroughly enjoy seeing students thrive safely and confidently within the sport, as well as watch them love our equine friends aimlessly.


I’ve been riding for 6 years. My favorite part about working with horses is each of their different personalities and their hearts, they will give everything to make their humans happy. I love teaching lessons because I get to see people light up around horses, and becoming relaxed. I also enjoy watching my students learn and grow.


I’ve been riding for 12 years. My favorite part of working with horses is that they are very willing to learn and have great work ethic, which makes them awesome partners! I really enjoy watching my students bond with the horses while gaining confidence and strength through riding.